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Suit Up! The Armor of God Card Game

Suit Up! The Armor of God Card Game

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Get ready for some fast-paced, Bible-based fun for the whole family! In this 10-minute push-your-luck card game, players compete to collect pieces of Armor, battle with special Power-Up abilities, and build the best Suit to win! You'll have a blast building wacky mix-and-match combos from the six unique Suits of Armor - Steel, Crystal, Cartoon, Dinosaur, Astro, and TexMex. It's easy to learn but a challenge to master, and the rules are easily adjustable for little warriors and early-readers to get in on the action too!

Play with Purpose

Each round you play intentionally reinforces Ephesians 6:11, by making the ultimate goal to collect and "Put on the full Armor" of one Suit - resulting in an instant win!

Memorization Made Fun

As your kids plays again and again, they'll see the six pieces of the Armor of God and interact with them over and over. Imaginative play is one of the strongest ways to foster long-term memory, with the bonus of having fun while you're learning.

So get ready to Search, Battle, and Build your way to victory with Suit Up!

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